Daniel Caro

“Daniel Caro was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1986. Discovering his talent from a young age and understanding that the current Art Schools would not meet his expectations in a refined technique in painting, and having no funds to study in an Art Academy, he decided to pursue his career as a self-taught artist. He focused on painting realism by carefully researching and practicing on his own for which his self-taught technical skills were recognized and admired, quickly gaining attention locally and internationally and participating in many exhibitions. From the very beginning of his career he participated in important art fairs in Latin America and the United States such as the ArtBo Art Fair in Colombia, Affordable Art Fair in Mexico and Spectrum Art Fair in Miami. He was also invited to participate in public exhibitions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art of Yucatan (MACAY) in Mexico and the Colombo American Cultural Center in Bogota, where one of his works was acquired by the institution. His work is in private collections in the United States, France, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Panama. He has participated in important group exhibitions in Spain together with world renowned hyperrealist artists, as well as a group exhibition of small paintings at the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) in Barcelona, Spain, accompanied by Masters of realism from around the world. Lately he was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 15th International ARC Salon Competition, the largest representative art competition in the world, and exhibited and auctioned his work at Sotheby’s, one of the world’s largest brokers of fine art, jewellery, and collectibles. He is currently represented by Meyer Gallery and Collins Galleries in the United States.”

Sotheby’s catalogue note, July 2021


2023 — CK Contemporary: The First Decade, CK Contemporary – San Francisco, California (USA)

2022 — The Summer Exhibition, Collins Galleries – Orleans, Massachusetts (USA)

2021 — Small Works Holiday Exhibition, Collins Galleries – Orleans, Massachusetts (USA)

2021 — 15th International ARC Salon Exhibition, Sotheby’s – New York, New York (USA)

2019 — 20 years, in 20 x 20, European Museum of Modern Art – MEAM, Barcelona (Spain)

2019 — 20 years, in 20 x 20, Bantierra building, Zaragoza (Spain)

2019 — Between the abstract and figurative, El Garaje gallery, Bogota (Colombia)

2018 — It is what it is, El Garaje gallery, Bogota (Colombia)

2017 — Feria del Millón, Textura Creative Center, Bogota (Colombia)

2016 — Good Crafts, El Garaje gallery, Bogota (Colombia)

2016 — La Francachela Fair, El Chicó Museum, Bogota (Colombia)

2015 — Spectrum Art Fair, Rubber Stamp Art Project, Miami (USA)

2014 — Affordable Art Fair, Del Sol gallery, Mexico D.F. (Mexico)

2014 — Solo Exhibition, El Garaje gallery, Bogota (Colombia)

2014 — New Horizons, El Garaje gallery, Bogota (Colombia)

2013 — Affordable Art Fair, Del Sol gallery, Mexico D.F. (Mexico)

2013 — Group Exhibition, El Garaje gallery, Bogota (Colombia)

2012 — Dominant technique, El Garaje gallery, Bogota (Colombia)

2012 — Afforable Art Fair, Del Sol gallery, Mexico D.F. (Mexico)

2011 — Something more than realism V, Hyperrealist art exhibition, Zaragoza (Spain)

2011 — Neu-figuration, Colombo American Cultural Center, Bogota (Colombia)

2011 — Colombia in Merida, Museum of Contemporary Art (MACAY), Merida (Mexico)

2011 — 9th National Art Salon, Casa Cuadrada gallery, Bogota (Colombia)

2010 — Enbogotarte, Casa Cuadrada gallery, Bogota (Colombia)

2010 — CON versaciones CON creadores, Casa Cuadrada gallery, Bogota (Colombia)

2010 — ArtPanama, International Art Fair, Panama City (Panama)

2010 — Bazzart, Casa Cuadrada gallery, Bogota (Colombia)

2010 — 8th National Art Salon, Casa Cuadrada gallery, Bogota (Colombia)

2009 — ArtBo 09, International Art Fair of Bogota, Bogota (Colombia)

2009 — Bazzart, Casa Cuadrada gallery, Bogota (Colombia)

2009 — 7th National Art Salon, Casa Cuadrada gallery, Bogota (Colombia)

2009 — International Art Exhibition 10 x 10 cm, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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